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Propellernet Refurbishment

May 2016

Brighton, Sussex

We jumped at the chance to create a modern yet inviting office space for a Brighton-based client who wanted to mimic the feel of a cool hotel lounge at their premises.

Working directly with the fabulous interior designer (and good friend) Nicola Gobat, we worked our magic on a tired-looking office to transform the area into a space that would inspire staff and clients alike.

Because we were refurbishing the office of a busy company, we knew we needed to put in some long hours in order to get the project completed before the strict deadline. We rose to the challenge – as we always do! – and as a result, all the works were finished in line with the client’s requirements.

We spruced up the ceiling with a mix of OSB and birch ply wood tiles, and installed quality parquet flooring to add interest to the room. We fitted a spacious kitchen area, complete with its own coffee machine and beer tap, and added bespoke stand up desks and seating to the main office floor. The feedback has been phenomenal, and the staff are so delighted with their new multi-functional space that they’ll often stay late just to enjoy some downtime with their colleagues here!

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