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We have a real passion for working on period properties. These gorgeous yet delicate homes need to be carefully preserved if they’re going to continue giving us joy for years to come, which is why we have ensured we have expert knowledge of the skills and materials needed to look after them.

Be it a 500-year-old oak building or one of Brighton’s regency homes, contact Build My Home if you need help renovating, refurbishing or conserving an older dwelling. 



This unique cottage based in West Sussex was much need of a repair. This type of project was ideal for us as it required a lot of architectural skill.


As modern materials would not work with this build, we had to source classic products such as sheep’s wool and wood fibre. This ensures that the structure of the property will last another half a century.



In keeping with the clients look and feel of their home, a whole new kitchen was built from scratch to preserve the character features. Custom furnishing with a modern twist was added in to bring the whole place up to date.



From inside we work on the interior and also exterior, as we add several skylights to allow more natural light.



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