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Thanks to the unpredictability of the property market, there has been a discernible trend in recent years for improving instead of moving. From one-level rear and side return extensions to bespoke two-storey creations, our experienced Brighton-based team should always be your first port of call if you’re keen to enhance the functionality of your space. We also specialise in producing custom-designed kitchen and bathroom extensions. 

Create space and generate value for your property. Extensions are an ideal way to maximise your home, whether you are looking for a little more room in the kitchen, extra space in the living room or expanding into unused space above the property.




Our specialist and experienced team are here to help with your needs, making the most of every inch to give you the space you need. Having worked on various styles of builds both new and old, we are able to transform a cramped room into a spacious area to suit you.



After we had access to the roof and structure we found a way to let 80% more light into this spacious kitchen and dining area.







Through creative thinking, innovative design and years of experience we turned 6ft of kitchen space to 13x20ft of living space.

Nothing is more rewarding to improving the lives of clients with our hard work and specialist skillset.


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    +585 889 996 96 [email protected] 184 Main Collins Street Victoria
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